MANDOLIN MOUNTAIN, alias MaMo is a Mandolin Orchestra, which was founded in autumn 2007 at the Department of Music at the University of Jyväskylä. Such a large Mandolin Orchestra has previously been seen in Finland way back in the Thirties. MaMo is Finland’s biggest, most dynamic and most beautiful Orchestra concentrating on mandolin music – MaMo captures its audiences with skillful performances and tremendous stage charisma.

The repertoire of the orchestra is briefly articulated very broad: the trademark of the MaMo has been from the very beginning the rich variety of many different styles. Besides the varied original compositions of Jouni Koskimäki, MaMo has been performed so far many classics of the mandolin literature from Mexico to United States, from England to Japan, e.g. compositions from Domenico Scarlatti, Eduardo Angulo, David Grisman, Simon Mayor, Jose Zambrano and Yasuo Kuwahara. MaMo has been performed also rather much classic music, for example J.S.Bach, G.F.Händel, Pierre Maldere, Johannes Brahms and Maurice Ravel, all of them arranged by Jouni Koskimäki. In addition to previous music in the concerts of MaMo there have been also music from Django Reinhard jazz to bluegrass, from klezmer to Scandinavian polska dances, from Brazilian choros to the Beatles, from Finnish folk music to Irish jigs and reels.

Mandolin Mountain follows with the adding of mandola the Middle-European model of mandolin orchestra: mandolin, mandola, tenor mandola and bass – on demand MaMo use also other instruments, for example violins, viola, cello, clarinet, banjo and percussion. Among the members of MaMo there are also some stunning singers, and there has always been some beautiful songs in the repertoire of the MaMo. At the moment MaMo has fifteen musicians and the conductor of the orchestra is Jouni Koskimäki, who is Lecturer at the Music Department of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Koskimäki is also in charge of all the original and unique compositions and all the varied arrangements of the music. MaMo has been performing in its career mostly in Finland, and the most significant events have been in Finland at the famous Haapavesi Folk Festival 2010 and 2011. The latter performing was broadcasted by nationwide radio channel YLE 1. Last year MaMo has the honour to perform twice in the Eurofest Zupfmusik in Bruchsal, Germany. Eurofest Zupfmusik is probably the largest mandolin festival in the whole world. In 2014 Festival there were 74 orchestras and artists, and it was beforehand strictly forbidden to perform any kind of encores – with Mandolin Mountain the organizers made an exception: since the audience was so nuts they even demand us to do one encore! MaMo’s slogan “surely unique happening” came true with the finest way last year in Germany. In October 2015 MaMo is going to La Coruna, Spain to the “Festival Internacional de Musica de Pulso e Pua” that is also known as “Cidade de Cristal” -festival. MaMo has in the Festival five concerts.

Current lineup:

Jouni Koskimäki: mandoliini & mandola
Tuomas Leppisaari: mandoliini & banjo
Sanna Kartiovaara: mandoliini & kitara
Henna Lind: mandoliini & viulu
Eevi Kortelainen: mandoliini & kitara
Maija Holopainen: mandoliini, viulu & alttoviulu
Venla-Vanamo Asikainen: mandoliini
Minna Huhtala: mandola
Emmi Räisänen: mandola
Hanne Tuupainen: mandola & viulu
Rinna Ahlman: tenorimandola
Elina Viitanen: tenorimandola & sello
Henri Mathlin: kitara
Aimo Laitamo: kitara, mandoliini & tenorimandola
Kalle Saarinen: basso

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