I have been teaching music in different contexts and institutions for 38 years, although in the 90s and the beginning of the Noughties, I was often on a leave of absence, usually working as a full-time composer, musician and/or researcher.

By this autumn, I have taught for 30 years at the Music Department of the University of Jyväskylä; since 1990, I have been working there as a Lecturer. During the academic year 2012-13, my curriculum is exceptionally filled with full-time teaching. My main topic in teaching has for decades been the arranging of traditional and popular music. My other teaching subjects are e.g. band pedagogy, notation software (Sibelius) and folk music. Every year, I have also been lecturing on popular music history –  I switch annually between Finnish popular music and Western popular music: during the spring season 2013, it is the turn of Western popular music.